Functional Exploration of Natural Networks
and Ecological Communities
FENNEC is a platform for adding trait information from various sources to your community data. You can upload your own community data tables or just explore the database of organisms and traits.

Organism Database

FENNEC offers taxonomy data that consists of a full representation of the NCBI Taxonomy database.

Trait Database

The trait database of FENNEC includes public trait information from EOL, EPPO, IUCN, etc.

Your Analysis

Upload your community datatable, map trait information from the database to your project and use the PHINCH framework for interactive visualization.

Contribute Trait Data

Our aim is to encourage users to contribute their traits to the public database and to extend the set of traits to cover more research areas.

Beta Version

Check out our beta version of FENNEC and keep informed about new pre-released features.

Be a part of FENNEC

You want to contribute to the development of FENNEC? Checkout our GitHub repository, comment our features and give us feedback.

If you are new to FENNEC check out this guide. Otherwise you can upload your project or explore our trait and organism database.