This instance is maintained by Markus Ankenbrand. The code is maintained on GitHub. Please send security relevant issues to Markus Ankenbrand and raise all other issues in the GitHub repository.

Data Usage Policy (Legal Notice)

FENNEC uses cookies to uniquely identify users. This is required in order to provide the user specific services. In addition google analytics is activated on this page (you see a separate notification in the navigation bar with more details and the possibility to opt-out). Except for google analytics no user data is passed to any other entity. User data is only permanently stored on the server if you choose to login after registration or via OAuth. In case of login your projects and other uploaded data are stored in a database on the server. This data is only stored for your own usage and not analyzed in any way. The only other data we use that you do not explicitly upload are default apache server logs to ensure proper operation. We can not guarantee to store your data infinitely so please make backups using the export functionality. You can remove your data yourself by deleting it. It is possible for you to share data with other users specifically. In case of questions or requests please contact Markus Ankenbrand.

Icon Attribution

The logo on the start page uses icons made by Freepik from
All other icons are part of the awsome fontawesome package.